National Programme for capacity building of textile SMEs
through cluster based approach launched by Textiles Committee
on 13th June 2002

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Why this Programme?

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which are primarily decentralised, occupy an important role in the textile and clothing economy in the country.  The predominance of the SMEs can be seen in the entire supply chain of the textile industry – cotton ginning and processing, weaving, processing and apparel manufacturing.  The SMEs in these sectors are located in identifiable clusters across the country. 

Notwithstanding some natural advantages like low costs and flexibility, the SMEs suffer from the disadvantages of being in relatively isolated environment and are constrained by their capacity to adopt the required technology, improve productivity and access the markets in an efficient manner.  The on set of globalization of trade and economic liberalisation within the country has posed new challenges and opportunities for the Indian textile industry in general and SMEs in particular. 

The present developmental initiatives, being taken by various support institutions have by and large oriented towards individual firm level and are characterized by lack of focus, coordination and vision.  A holistic and vision based strategy aiming at a cluster, encompassing the needs of its SMEs, has not been adopted.  Therefore, the results of such efforts have not been very tangible, significant and sustainable. 

An individual SME by being in relative isolation and smaller in size is not in a position to address the issues affecting it’s competitiveness on its own.  Neither it is feasible for any support service institution to address the issues at firm level in view of large numbers of SMEs.  The clusters offer critical mass for the customization of SMEs services.   The clusters also enable information and knowledge networks in the areas related to markets, technology and input providers.  Therefore, a strategy and approach aimed at the cluster as a whole encompassing the individual requirements of the SMEs and involving all cluster development institutions is the right strategy to address the above issues.

There has been lot of evidence to indicate the positive impact on SMEs by a cluster based development strategy, all over the world, including UNIDOs intervention in clusters like Ludhiana, Tirupur, Jaipur etc.   Based on these experiences and also the experience of the Textiles Committee, this programme has been drawn up. 

The Programme contents

Clusters identified under the programme:   

Agartala (Tripura), Nau Patna/Bhubaneswar (Orissa), Bhawani/Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), Guntur (Andhra Pradesh), Pochampally/Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Ichalkaranji (Maharashtra),  Sangner/Jaipur (Rajasthan), Jodhpur (Rajasthan), Kannur (Kerala),  Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Karur (Tamil Nadu), Kolkata (West Bengal), Ludhiana (Punjab), Rajapalayam/ Madurai (Tamil Nadu), Nagari (Andhra Pradesh), Panipat (Haryana), Salem (Tamil Nadu), Solapur (Maharashtra), Surat (Gujarat), & Tirupur (Tamil Nadu)

Coordinator -CDP:

Shri. D P Jadeja is functioning as Co-ordinator CDP for Cluster Development Programme for all Clusters.

The contact details are : Tel: 91-22-66527517/518, 66527500 (Board) Fax: 91-22-66527509


No. Cluster Name Cluster Activity Name of CDA Contact Details
1. Agartala
[ Tripura]*
Handlooms and Loin Looms Mr. A.K Chakraborty Fax: (033) 23355202
Tel: (033) 23355155
2. Bhubaneswar/
Nau Patna
Handlooms Mr. Y.V Rao Tel: (0674) 2543723
3. Bhawani /
[Tamil Nadu]
Powerlooms & Handloom home furnishings Mr. Ramesh Babu Fax: (0422) 2472689
Tel: (0422) 2473094
4. Guntur
[Andhra Pradesh]
Cotton Ginning Mr. G V S Nath Tel: (0863) 2218951
5. Pochampally/
[Andhra Pradesh]
Handlooms Mr. H Kopresachari Fax: (040) 23327153
Tel: (040) 23327153
6. Ichalkaranji
Powerloom Weaving Mr. A.B. Alman Tel: (0230) 2420838
7. Sangner/Jaipur
Hand Block printing and Apparel Manufacturing Mr. V.K.R Machiraju Fax: (0141) 2743020
Tel: (0141) 2743453
8. Jodhpur
Hand Processing Mr. M.K. Parashar Tel: (0291) 2610578
9. Kannur
Handlooms Home furnishings Mr.M.V.Mohanchandran Fax: (0497) 2706390
Tel: (0497) 2706390
10. Kanpur
[Uttar Pradesh]
Defence Related Textiles Mr. BrijeshTiwari Fax: (0512) 2582458
Tel: (0512) 2582458
11. Karur
[Tamil Nadu]
Handloom Made-ups & Home furnishings Mr. P. Subbaiah Fax: (04324) 2274871
Tel: (04324) 2274871
12. Kolkata
[West Bengal]
Cotton Hosiery Mr.A.K.Guha Roy Fax: (033) 23355202
Tel: (033) 23355155
13. Ludhiana
Woollen Knitwear Mr. Ranjit Barua Fax: (0161) 2474906
Tel: (0161) 2305635
14. Rajapalayam/ Madurai
[Tamil Nadu]
Surgical Textiles Mr. K Veluchamy Fax: (0452) 2535748
Tel: (0452) 2535758
15. Nagari
[Andhra Pradesh]
Powerloom Weaving & Processing Mr. E Ratnam Tel: (08577) 234619
16. Panipat
Handlooms & Made-ups Mr. A K Mittal Fax: (0180) 2658324
Tel: (0180) 2658324
17. Salem
[Tamil Nadu]
Powerloom Weaving & Processing Mr. A Dhanpal Tel: (0427) 2467740
18. Sholapur
Powerlooms- Towels & Chaddars Mr. Abdul Rashid Tel: (0217) 2312698
19. Surat
Powerloom Weaving & Processing Mr. Saumen Mapdar Tel: (0261) 2423167
20. Tirupur
[Tamil Nadu]
Cotton Knitwear Mr. G. Venugopal Fax: (0421) 2202500
Tel: (0421) 2201402

* an Executive of Tripura Government will be the Co-CDA

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