Export Promotion & Quality Assurance



The Export Promotion & Quality Assurance Division carries out functions under various Sections of The Textiles Committee Act, 1963 as under:

  1. Conducting technical studies in the textile industry, under Section 4(2)(a) of the Act
  2. Promotion of export of textiles, under Section 4(2)(b) of the Act.
  3. Establishing, adopting and recognizing standard specifications for textiles and packing materials, under Section 4(2)(c) of the Act.
  4. Specifying the type of quality control or inspection need to be applied to textiles under Section 4(2)(d) of the Act.
  5. Providing training on the techniques of quality control to be applied to textiles under Section 4(2)(da) of the Act
  6. Providing for inspection and examination of textiles and packing    materials used in the packing of textiles under Section 4(2)(e) of the Act.
  7. Advising on the matters relating to development of textile industry and providing for such other matters as may be prescribed by the Central Government under Section  4(2)(i) & 4(2)( j ) of the Act, respectively.
  8. Classification of textiles under Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS).

The division is headed by a Director, assisted by Joint Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors and Quality Assurance Officers besides administrative staff posted at Headquarters, Mumbai and other Regional Offices.  The Officers are qualified Textile Technologists.

Services provided by the division are:

  1. Quality Inspection.
  2. HS classification of Textiles and Clothing articles.
  3. Handloom Origin certification under various bilateral agreements.
  4. Certification under Generalized System of Preference (GSP)
  5. Certification under Certificate of Origin (Non- Preferential)
  6. Certification under Indo-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IJCEPA) 
  7. Endorsement of Tariff Rate Quota Certificate (TRQC) under various FTAs.
  8. Training of Industrial Personnel.


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