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Handloom Mark Scheme

Handloom Mark Scheme

Handloom Mark Scheme

Honourable Prime Minister of India had launched the Handloom Mark Scheme on 28.06.2006. The basic objective of the Scheme is to brand our handloom products and secure a premium position for them in Domestic as well as International market. The Scheme is promoted by the Development Commissioner (Handlooms), the Government of India, and the Textiles Committee is nominated as the Implementation Agency.

The ‘Handloom Mark’ is a symbol of the rich legacy and tradition of Indian Handloom textiles. The Mark is aimed to promote the brand of handlooms and develop a niche market for the handloom textiles with a distinct identity. The Mark is also a symbol of social cause to promote the livelihood, welfare, and growth of more than 6.5 million weavers. This will enable the age-old traditional handloom industry to cherish their skills/craftsmanship and sustain in the competitive market.

HLM creative
Handloom Mark Scheme 

Handloom Mark is the Government of India's initiative to provide a collective identity to the handloom products in India and can be used not only for popularizing the hand woven products but can also serve as a guarantee for the buyer that the product being purchased is genuinely hand woven from India. The Handloom Mark would therefore be a hallmark of passionate creative work that defines the product with clarity, distinguishes it from the competition, and connecting it with customers. To support the above features, the ‘Handloom Mark’ is specially developed with the logo and unique coding.

    Registration for Handloom Mark Scheme.

    Anyone involved in the production and marketing of Handloom products can resister for Handloom Mark Scheme with Textiles Committee. In order to prevent the misuse of the scheme, the applicants will be registered after onsite verification. Labels will be supplied on a quarterly basis on the basis of estimated annual production and sale except in the case of exporters. More than 22000 users under different categories are registered under the Handloom Mark Scheme throughout the country and more than 13 crore products are tagged with Handloom Mark Labels. In total, more than 9 lakh Handlooms are covered in the registration.

    As per the recommendation of the MoT, the following eligible weavers and manufacturers can register for the Handloom Mark

    Sl.No Type of users  User Category
    1 Individual Weavers (IW) Weaver
    2 Master Weavers (MW)
    3 Primary Handloom Weavers Co-operative Societies (COOP) Society
    4 Apex Handloom weavers’ Co-operative societies or Handloom Corporation
    5 Other Agencies – Handloom Producers (Self Help Group, Consortium, Producer Companies, Joint Liability Group, Handloom Weavers Group, Federations)  Others

    About Features of the Mobile app and Back-end portal

    Hon’ble Minister of Textiles Govt of India launched the mobile apps and the portal on the occasion of 7th national handloom day on 7 august 2020.

    Launch by HMOT
    Launch of the Handloom Mark Mobile Apps by Hon'ble Minister of Textiles on August 7, 2020

    Weaver App: It is Mobile App which enable the weavers located at any corner of the country to apply for HLM registration through the comfort of their homes by click of a button on their mobiles. A The Weaver App is available on Google play store. Alternatively weavers can register here. The app provides choice of English and 10 Indian languages to choose from, is easy and yet secure to access through OTP based protocol, provides SMS and email notification for all transactions and also allows Online payment via SBI payment gateway. Most importantly, the App gives complete control to the weaver as regards indenting of labels and maintaining his Label account balance.

    Customer App: This app empowers all the customers of Handloom products to ascertain the veracity and originality of the product through unique and dynamic QR code labels affixed on each handloom product at a click of a button on the app. Besides, in case of genuine product, this app will give information about its weaver and for fake label, the app will immediately inform the customer about its fakeness and at the same time alert the administrators conveying Geo tag location of such fraud label sale. The app also provides feedback mechanism to capture feedback from its users. The Customer App is available on Google play store

    Handloom Mark (HLM) Admin app: The whole process of registration will migrate to the online HLM admin app including activities like scheduling of verification visit, cross verification of user data, audit trail of all activities, geo tagging of verification visits, label entitlement management as well as enabling real time monitoring.

    HLM web portal: The Backend portal will be used by the Implementing agency to complete run the whole scheme in online mode giving complete MIS on each of the activities in the Scheme, handling of Labels including indent and charge collections, tracking of label movement, role-based access etc. Click here for HLM Portal.

    Contact Details

    Dr.K.S.Muralidhara, Joint Director
    Tel: 022-66527524 / Mob: 9967533770

    Shri S Gowrisankar, Assitant Director
    Tel: 022-66527521 / Mob: 7708598922

    Shri K.C.Kaushal, Quality Assurance Officer
    Tel:022-66527570 / Mob: 9920878581



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