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Course Content

List of Entry Level Courses (After revision of Courses 20.02.2023) List of Up skilling Re-Skilling Courses (After revision of Courses 20.02.2023)
Electroplating and Effluent Treatment Assistant(TC MET 01) Assistant Engraver-Metal Handicrafts (TC MET 02) Lacquering and Painting Assistant (TC MET 03)
Assistant Packaging (TC MET 04) Assistant Powder Coater-Metal Handicrafts (TC MET 05) Assistant Quality Controller-Metal Handicrafts (TC MET 06)
Assistant Computer Aided Designer-Metal Handicrafts (TC MET 07) Assistant Weilding and Soldering-Metal Handicrafts (TC MET 08) Carving Artisan-Stonecarft (HCS/Q1502)
Inlay Artisan-Stonecarft (HCS/Q1504) Casting Operator-Metal Handicrafts (HCS/Q2801) Engraving and Stamping Artisan (HCS/Q2802)
Paper Mache Products Artisan (HCS/Q4401) Engraving/Carving/Etching Assistant (HCS/Q7001) Traditional Hand Embroiderer (HCS/Q7301)
Hand Crochet Lace Maker (HCS/Q7703) Crochet Lace Supervisor (HCS/Q7704) Crochet Lace Tailor (HCS/Q7705)
Bamboo Work Artisan (HCS/Q8702) Carpet Weaver (HCS/Q5701) Latexing Man-Carpets (HCS/Q5402)
Washer-Carpets (HCS/Q5301) Finisher-Carpets (HCS/Q5407) Shade Supervisor-Carpets (HCS/Q5203)
CAD Designer for Carpets (HCS/Q5202) Loom Supervisor-Knotted Carpets (HCS/Q5410) Quality Supervisor-Carpets (HCS/Q5501)
Ceramics Preparation Artisan (HCS/Q0801) Lab Assistant-Ceramics (HCS/Q1002) Modeller-Ceramics (HCS/Q0201)
Quality Check Technician-Ceramics (HCS/Q1001) Sketching and Painting Artisan-Ceramics (HCS/Q0802) Floor Supervisor-Ceramics (HCS/Q0101)
Merchandiser (HCS/Q9801) Stringing/Beading Assembler-Fashion Jewellery (HCS/Q1101) Product Maker-Fashion Jewellery (HCS/Q1102)
Quality Checker-Fashion Jewellery (HCS/Q1201) Jute Product Stitching Operator (HCS/Q7403) Applique Artisan (HCS/Q7303)
Hand Block Printer (HCS/Q7201) Jute Handloom Weaver (HCS/Q7402) Jute Products Artisan (HCS/Q7405)
Jute Screen Printer (HCS/Q7404) Jute Yarn Hank Dyer (HCS/Q7401) Agarbatti Maker (HSC/Q7901)
Automatic Stick Making M/C Operator (HCS/Q7803) Decorative Painter-Glassware (HCS/Q2502) Stone Preparation Artisan (HCS/Q1401)
Quality Checker-Stonecarft (HCS/Q1601) Design Maker-Stonecarft (HCS/Q1501) Seasoning and Chemical Treatment Assistant-Woodware (HCS/Q6801)
Assembly Machine Operator-Woodware (HCS/Q6902) Finisher-Woodware (HCS/Q7101) Lacquerer-Woodware (HCS/Q7102)
Designer-Woodware Products (HCS/Q6601) Embossing Artisan-Metalware (HCS/Q2901) Etching Artisan-Metalware (HCS/Q2909)
Inlay Artisan-Metalware (HCS/Q2903) Painter-Metal Handicrafts (HCS/Q3101) Polisher-Metalware (HCS/Q3002)
Lacquerer-Paper Mache (HCS/Q4505) Paper Mache Art Designer (HCS/Q4506) Paper Mache Craft Specialist (HCS/Q4501)
Clipper and Embosser-Carpets (HCS/Q5404) Designer and Shade Writer-Carpets (HCS/Q5204) Dyer-Rangsaaz-Carpets (HCS/Q5101)
Tufted Weaving Supervisor-Carpets (HCS/Q5411) Tufting Gun Master-Carpets (HCS/Q5409) Material Preparation Worker-Ceramics (HCS/Q0702)
Cutting and Threading Operator-Metalware (HCS/Q2906) Abrasion and Grinding Machine Operator (HCS/Q2303) Decorative Cutter-Glassware (HCS/Q2501)
Silver Coating Technician-Glassware (HCS/Q2401) Carpet Final Inspector-Carpets (HCS/Q5601) Block Print Supervisor-Hand Crafted Textiles (HCS/Q7202)
Master Hand Embroiderer-Hand Crafted Textiles (HCS/Q7302) Wooden Toy Maker-Artisan (HCS/Q6703) Ceramics and Terracotta Toy Maker-Artisan (HCS/Q0402)
Glass Toy Maker-Artisan (HCS/Q2206) Leather Toy Maker-Artisan (HCS/Q0804) Puppet Toy Maker-Artisan (HCS/Q9001)
Traditional Painting Maker-Artisan (HCS/Q0805) Namda Craft Maker (HCS/Q5206) Natural Fiber Maker (HCS/Q4405)
Upcycling Scraps and E-Waste Artisan (HCS/Q9003)

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